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Birthdate:Aug 8
Website:Opera Ramblings - my idiosyncratic opinions on things operatic
John was born in Lancashire which explains his strange taste for black pudding but not much else. After several years spent in a wet cave in the West Pennines he emigrated to Canada in the vain (not to mention stupid) hope of finding better weather.

He's still there.

Current digs are within a short spit of the St.Lawrence Market which has to be one of the world's great food markets but one still can't get decent black pudding there.

I have a job, as an IT strategist and manager for a health care agency, and I'd like to keep it that that way. As a result, when I talk about work it's always f-locked. Remember, what goes on tour stays on tour. Ta muchly.

What the rest of the world thinks of [profile] chickenfeet2003:

[personal profile] ginny_tWarning: this journal contains intelligence, erudition, rugby and kittens.

[personal profile] bopeepsheepWarning: contains Brains

[personal profile] scarletdemon Despite living in Canada and liking cats, [profile] chickenfeet2003 still manages to be interesting. WTF?.

[personal profile] jez_e_bel Always charming and witty, [profile] chickenfeet2003 provides hours of amusing entertainment not to mention a plethora of adorable kitten pictures... he is a recommended addition to any fine meal...

[personal profile] nanila Sampling [profile] chickenfeet2003's brainmeats is like drinking a cask-strength Laphroaig: probes every inch of your palate, warms your belly and leaves you speechless.

[personal profile] gillo If you have problems with cats, rugby or cats playing rugby, just walk away. Now.

[personal profile] rhythmaningWarning: cats, Canada and rugby.

[personal profile] f4f3[profile] chickenfeet2003 is comparable to Tolkien at his best. Well, when Tolkien is talking rugby, kittens, and a very interesting view from afar. That's his journal that's got a view from afar. As far as I know, he looks just as interesting from close up.

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