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Last night my little grey cat reverted to kittenhood and went toe hunting!

Also, I had a dream in which [ profile] lemur_catta insisted that I had to buy a truck because they are 'practical'.
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What a weird night. It started off with a US battle fleet in Toronto harbour. How did they get those carriers up the Seaway? It segwayed to vampires drinking in assorted pubs in Bishop's Stortford with most of them committing suictde by driving stakes through their own hearts. The final act featured field hockey played on top of a giant rubbish dump in an even more surreal than usual version of Mississauga. I really wonder about my brain sometimes.
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The full moon approaches. I should have known. The cats are going slightly nuts and I am having weird dreams. Recent nights have included Fundamentalist Christians barbecuing hippo (the animal not St. Augustine) ribs and my brother acquiring an impenetrable Glasgow accent. This is about par for the course.
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Scene: Our bedroom. Stupid o'clock in the morning. Me, half asleep, and Jane, fast asleep, on one side of the bed. Lemur apparently fast asleep on the other. A kitten is on my chest purring. Suddenly the lemur starts making a noise halfway between a sob and a scream.

Bear: You OK?
Lemur, now half awake: Bad dream.
Bear (passing over the kitten): Have a kitten dreamcatcher.
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So last night my subconscious had me enrolled in a history course at an unspecified Italian university. The key assignment turned out to be preserving a large chunk of dead dog using an embalming fluid of which squid ink was the main ingredient. It was not a whole dead dog. Just a sizeable chunk which could be readily obtained from the workmen renovating a near by university building who had a stock pile.
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For the last couple of nights I've been dreaming about the Grand Unified Field Theory (aka The Theory of Everything). This is odd, even for me. Anyway, my sleeping brain has decided that the GUFT is impossible. Relativity and QM will never be reconciled. When I first dreamed this I thought it was a bit far fetched. Even my sleeping brain was perplexed. But last night, sleeping brain worked out why. Matter only behaves in a quantum mechanical way when it is being observed. If one doesn't peek it behaves like an impeccably proper Einsteinian. So when an observer observes activity at the quantum level, not only does the act of observation cause a resolution of quantum states but it is the observation that calls into being the whole phenomenon. My brain is a very strange place.
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Amid the usual toxic soup that was going on in my head last night I had a rather bizarre dream about catching Inzamam-ul-Haq at short extra cover off the bowling (O horror!) of Ashley Wheeliebin Giles. I really wish my subconscious would STFU.

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