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Progress so far on the film quiz

1. ETA - Embrace of the Vampire - [ profile] missedith01
2. Last Tango in Paris - [ profile] shezan
3. Life and Nothing But - [ profile] shezan
4. ETA - Macbeth (Polanski version) - [ profile] kalypso_v
5. Rebecca - [ profile] shezan
6. 8 1/2 - [ profile] shezan
7. Shakespeare in Love - [ profile] felinitykat
8. Triumph of the Will - [ profile] a_d_medievalist
9. ETA - Beau Geste (1966 version) - [ profile] bopeepsheep
10. Wings of Desire - [ profile] a_d_medievalist
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OK, it's the usual deal; ten stills from ten movies. Name the movie!

On with the show, this is it! )
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You know the drill. Ten stills from ten movies. Name the flicks.

1230 EDT: As far as I can tell crappy Rogers/Geocities/Yahoo is FUBAR and won't serve up the pics. Service will be resumed as soon as they get their heads out of their arses.

1300 EDT: Seems to be working

clicky clicky )
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The first three in the film quiz are still up for grabs.

1. Is a German language production
2. Is set in Scotland
3. Is Australian
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Here we ago again. Ten film stills for your entertainment. Give me the name of the flick.

click for pics )
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Once again 9/10 identified.

The missing one, #9, was that cult classic Bordello of Blood, starring Angie Everhart as the rather rough and ready cardiac surgeon, Lillith.


Aug. 14th, 2005 07:59 am
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So many great films...

Film meme from [ profile] badasstronaut:

1. Pick ten films you love/thoroughly enjoy.
2. Find screen stills for each film.
3. See how many of them people get correct.

The pictures )

ETA: 6,8 and 10 still looking for answers

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