Jul. 9th, 2013 06:08 am
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We are safe and the power stayed on.  The lemur headed out to class just as the storm broke last night but turned back due to knee deep water on out street.  There are advantages to living on the tenth floor!  Elsewhere things got pretty rough.
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A new park, Corktown Commons, opened this weekend. It's on the former industrial lands just west of the Don River and east of Cherry Street. It's rather nice and is another important step in redeveloping Toronto's industrial east end which started with our neighbourhood 25 years ago.


You can see more photos of the ongoing development here.


Nov. 10th, 2012 05:35 pm
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Do not attempt to drive or take a bus or streetcar in downtown Toronto this evening.  Large parts of the core are closed for a film shoot and Lower Jarvis is closed for construction.  I've only ever seen traffic so bad during a major winter storm or a power outage.  It's a real mess.
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Another thought about relatively small things that improve quality of life. I used to find navigating a strange city by bus impossible to extremely stressful. This applied almost as much to unfamiliar parts of the city I lived in. This problem has now been solved in Toronto. The TTC website includes a "trip planner" that allows one to input starting and finishing location and which then calculates the optimal route. Bus routes now have names for all the stops and audio/visual messaging on the buses (and streetcars) announcing the next stop. Travel by bus is now not essentially different from rail/subway.
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I was out exploring a couple of new bike routes in the east end of the city this morning. Things started off OK. I took the Waterfront Trail to the point where one can turn north onto the UoT Scarborough campus and followed the loop of trails swinging north and back west to end up on Lawrence Avenue. From their a linking route on side streets got me to what looked on the map like a hydro easement trail heading southwest. It was but it was still under construction in places which was rather irritating and made for some tedious detours. Then I got a flat and had to spend about 45 minutes changing a tyre tube. Then I discovered that the next stage of my route was impassable owing to bridge repairs. By this time it was very hot and I was fairly fed up. I could see from the map that I wasn't too far from Kennedy station so I headed there, took the subway to Sherbourne and then coasted home down the Sherbourne bike lane.I guess had I finished my planned route it would have been close to 70km. As it was I did about 45km.
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This year's Zombie Walk was decidedly tame, certainly compared to two years ago. It started at Trinity Bellwoods Park and proceeded via Queen and Bathurst to Bloor, so no cemeteries, and the police made everyone stay on the sidewalk so no swarming of cars or anything. Besides who would notice a zombie on Queen West?

On our way home though we did, unexpectedly, get to meet [ profile] sabotabby for the first time.

A couple of pictures, for the record )

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