Nov. 11th, 2007 06:42 am
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The kitten had her shots on Friday. She's doing well although she is small for her age.

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I think I am officially sick today. I have some kind of low level flu. I have a cold and I ache. I'm also not feeling at one with the world, especially the bit of it that's concerned with ehealth.

The kitten gets her shots today. She is up to about 600g which means she is very small for her age but I think that is because she was so sick for a few weeks. She is much better now and seems to be doing normal kitten stuff. Hopefully no permanent damage has been done by her early illness. She is quite the sweetie and very well behaved. Anyone need a kitten?
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We have a whole pound of kitten! Her cold is clearing up, she's eating independently and she's gaining weight at last.

So it goes

Sep. 24th, 2007 08:23 am
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5 am this morning [ profile] lemur_catta was woken up by distressed kitten noises. The kitten with diarrhea was very weak and very distressed, We got to her to the emergency vet but they couldn't save her. Apparently her blood pressure and temperature had both dropped to critical levels and she had become dehydrated. I can't say I'm really surprised. I strongly suspect that she had a serious problem with her whole digestive system and simply wasn't absorbing any nutrients from her food. It's still sad to lose a kitten though. Maybe Death of Kittens could give us a break just for a little while?
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One kitten has a bad cold. She can't/won't eat on her own so we are syringe feeding her a/d. The other has diarrhoea. Basically she is an exploding poop machine. Both kits are now on antibiotics and lysine to try and boost their immune systems.

The good news is that they are both lively and alert though neither is gaining weight. If things go well they should improve over the next couple of days but meanwhile it's lots of smelly kitten work.
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Last night I had one of the kittens on my lap in the office. She decided to climb up onto my shoulder. Then she stepped across onto the back of my chair. It's an Aeron so not much to get a grip on. She overbalanced and fell straight into the waste paper basket which she couldn't climb out of. I rescued her (as soon as I had stopped laughing). She was none the worse for the experience.


Sep. 16th, 2007 11:59 am
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I snapped a few pictures of the kittens this morning. They are very messy eaters so be prepared...

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No one from THS had called with any news on little grey girl so we stopped by about one o'clock to see what was happening. They couldn't find her! The vet who admitted her had buggered off to New Zealand. None of the techs knew where she was. We checked all the cat rooms with the tech. The foster volunteer coordinator checked again. No sign of kitten. There's no record that she has died so that's mildly encouraging though, given the general state of their record keeping, hardly conclusive.

Can I has mah kitan now pleez?
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Little grey boy kitten's condition worsened markedly overnight and we had him into the vet first thing this morning. He was severely hypoglycaemic and they couldn't do anything for him. The good news is that it's not contagious but, as his sister was a little bit subdued, we left her in the nursery where she can be kept under observation for a day or two. If everything goes OK we should have her back tomorrow or Tuesday.

So it goes.
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As we currently have shelter kittens we decided that there was no excuse for not getting Padmini and Jane's shots up to date. We tend only to do this when one of the cats has to go to the vet for other reasons as the process is usually fairly traumatic. True to form, Jane realised what was up and almost managed to hide long enough to avoid the trip. Eventually I managed to catch her and a really hard time getting her into the carrier. Once at the vet though she was a sweetie. She spent the time in the waiting room mostly wrapped around my neck and was very good with the vet. Padmini was easy to catch but yowled and yowled fit to bust all the way to the vet. She also threw quite a hissy fit when he tried to examine her. Both cats are in great shape and now are up to date for Rabies and Feline Leukemia. Jane isn't speaking to me yet though.

The kittens are still doing well and their eyes are beginning to open.
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[ profile] lemur_catta feeding one of the new squeakers

Round up

Jul. 30th, 2007 10:43 am
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We have kittens again. Check out [ profile] lemur_catta for details and pictures but, in summary, we have two three day old bottle feeders. The lemur is on night kitten duty and was about as out of it as a person can be this morning.

I spent Saturday up at the square. There was some really good rugby even if the Nomads Firsts lost by one point on the last play of the game.

We got another organic veggie box. I made a rather good kale and beet green frittata last night.


May. 13th, 2007 02:50 pm
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It is bright and sunny today. It is also decidedly chilly. Thus my plot to sit on a sunny patio, eat brunch and drink beer was thwarted. Instead I descended to the Stygian depths of C'est What, ate brunch and drank beer. The plus side is that the beer at C'est What is markedly superior to the patio competition. Indeed, even if the Olympian gods dined at home on nectar and ambrosia, I feel confident that when they nipped down to the Titan's Arms for a few kraters, Al's Cask was what they drank.

As a result, I was taking a post-prandial snooze with Jane and Padmini when the phone dragged me back into the real world. Apparently my father's cousin Anne died this afternoon. Given that she was first diagnosed with cancer 21 years ago I guess she's had a pretty good innings.

So it goes.
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Last night the lemur and I went to a party chez lemur's dance teacher. It was the first time I had been there and thus the first chance I have had to meet Cini and Poppa. They are the grown up versions of the first two kittens we fostered (originally known as Hoover and Scruff) and are nw about three years old. I was curious to see how they would react to me. Both cats stayed well out of the way for the whole party but I managed to track them down. Cini is big and very black and looks like a female version of [ profile] frankie_ecap's Woskar. She didn't recognise me (I don't think I expected her to) but she let me scritch her behind the ears. Poppa was harder to track down. Apparently he's not at all social with people. He hissed when I went anywhere near him. It wasn't the sort of aggressive hissing that Leela does when she's upset but it was clear he didn't want to be touched. He is huge and an enormous furball. I'm guessing he weighs ten times what he did as a two month old kitten as he was not a big kitten at all.

It was a pretty good party too with some serious beer geekery.

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