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I've had this phone for over two months but I've only just got around to customising it (partly because I only put the memory card in on Monday!).

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The thing I hate about seventies themed parties is that I had to endure that sucky decade the first time around.

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Yesterday, [ profile] lemur_catta found me reading under a pile of cats. Photography ensued.

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The full set
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via [ profile] kalypso_v

Post a picture of a cat in your journal. (Your cat, a lolcat, or someone else's cat. But preferably yours, if possible.)

So three snap shots taken a few minutes ago. )
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I went out to do some shopping at lunchtime. I saw what must surely be the last, lonely rose of summer.

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Musings on transition plus pictures )


Aug. 21st, 2008 12:40 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] a_d_medievalist for the caption
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I think this picture needs a LOLcaption. Any thoughts?

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Below the cut are nine images of pages from the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite illustrated in pochoir by Walter Bachinski and printed by him at the Shanty Bay Press. Included are three full page hand finished pochoirs.

The illustrations )

And here is the text though it's not the same translation. I couldn't find that version on line.

The text )
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Last night's Kathak recital was really good. Different groups of Joanna's students performed from near beginners through fairly experienced dancers, like [ profile] lemur_catta, to members of Joanna's stage ensemble. After the interval there was a solo performance by a "tribal fusion" dancer, which didn't do much for me, and an excellent solo piece by Joanna herself.

The lighting was very warm and a bit dim so the pictures I took are mostly pretty soft focus. I didn't want to use flash. For the most part I like what I got. Four sample pictures below, fifty or so on Flickr.

Shiny )
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[ profile] lemur_catta had a show last night. She is a very shiny lemur.

More pictures and video when I get around to editing.
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The main stage show at the festival was amazing. Fesso the clown (yes, another one) hosted and juggled and kept things moving. There were amazing aerialists; rope, hoop trapeze, regular trapeze, silks, and the truly astonishing Silk Road Acrobats; a troupe of Uyghur refugees. There are more than seventy photos in the Flickr set but here's six to get you going.

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Today we headed out to Harbourfront to see the 6th Annual Toronto International Circus Festival. The weather has been lousy this weekend but it cleared up a bit today though it was still pretty cold for circus watching.

On the way we saw a schooner making sail

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and some weird Canadian art.

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We knew we had arrived when we saw a man on a unicycle juggling knives

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and, as I warned you on Saturday, clowns. They were no longer lurking in the mist but practicing their dark arts in full public view.

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Later on we saw the main stage show which was awesome but a write up will have to wait until I have sorted out approximately a gazillion pictures.
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To conclude the Masks posts , here are the colophon and, under a cut, the Afterword by Geoffrey Strachan.

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The Afterword )
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The poem is Walter Strachan's In Clear-cut Planes. The illustration is an etching by Natalie d'Arbeloff. Both taken from Masks as described earlier.

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The poem is Walter Strachan's Epitaph on a Lizard. The illustration is an etching by Wendy Taylor. Both taken from Masks as described earlier.

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Relaxed lunch time cats:

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