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For those of you who were confused by my last poll 'stotty cake' (pronounced, roughly, 'st'tt' cayake' is a flat, dense loaf often sliced horizontally and filled then cut in wedges to make a kind of sandwich. I've never come across it anywhere other than Northumberland and Durham which probably explains why [ profile] gillo is the only other person on the flist to have eaten it. (ETA: and [ profile] f4f3. I wondered where he was lurking.)

A 'Southron' in this context is an English person who is not from one of the six Northern counties. Sorry [ profile] gillo!
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Who was McDonnell and where were "the heights"?

There was a major McDonnell on Brock's staff at the battle of Queenston Heights. After Brock was killed he took local command of the British counterattack that threw the Americans back across the river. I don't think he was officially Brock's 2ic though.

Which province is noted for riparine piracy?

According to the Arrogant Worms, this would be Saskatchewan.

Where might you be invited to kiss a cod (bonus points for why)?

Newfoundland of course. "Because they are nuts" seems as plausible explanation as any.

Who wears (wore) number 66 (bonus for why?)

Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins because it is "99" upside down; 99 being Wayne Gretzky's number.

With which countries does Canada share an international frontier?

Canada shares a land frontier with the United States and its territorial waters march with those of France (St. Pierre et Miquelon) and Denmark (Greenland). It could be argued that there is a 'point' frontier with Russia and Norway at the North Pole but I think the pole lies well outside any legally recognised territorial waters.

Why do many westerners object to the current Canadian flag?

The flag features a maple leaf and maples don't grow in the west. 1/2 point for suggesting it's because westerners have a chip on their shoulders.

Which Canadian town still has a predominantly Icelandic population?

Gimli, MB

Which Canadian city lies due south of the lower 48 US states?

Windsor, ON

What was the former name of Regina SK?

Pile O'Bones, though having been there, Moose Turd seems quite appropriate.

What was the former name of Kitchener ON?

Berlin. The name was changed in 1915.

And so, using my extremely arbitrary marking system, the leaders are:

[ profile] curtana and [ profile] forthright with 10.5 points
[ profile] lakme with 10 points
[ profile] commodorified with 8 points
[ profile] melted_snowball with 7 points (not bad for a fairly new Canadian)
[ profile] ann1962 with 5.5 points
[ profile] redbird with 5 points

Way behind them came:

[ profile] lemur_catta with 2 points
[ profile] f4f3, [ profile] ironed_orchid and [ profile] sabotabby with 1 point
[ profile] helianthas with nul points (typical American!)


Sep. 22nd, 2007 01:11 pm
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A silly poll because I felt like it.[Poll #1059472]
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In the great Humiliation stakes [ profile] minx_minx with Animal Farm beats out, by one point, [ profile] cassandre with 1984. Once again, there were quite a few books of the sort that people feel they ought to have read but hardly anyone has. Proust, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Dickens and Conrad always seem to be solid contenders in that department.

I'm both surprised and fascinated that Orwell is still so widely read. My follow up Orwell poll shows that almost everybody on the flist has read 1984 and Animal Farm and that maybe half have read at least something else by Orwell. Interestingly, other than 1984 and Animal Farm, the non-fiction appears significantly more popular than the fiction. In fact all the non-fiction titles outscore all the other fiction titles.

My hypothesis that the popularity of 1984 and Animal Farm is largely due to their place in the school curriculum didn't really stand up. Roughly 70% of 1984 readers and 60% of Animal Farm readers did so of their own volition.
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Obvious addendum to previous poll

[Poll #1013953]
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Nominations are in. Let the games begin!

[Poll #1013448]
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So nominations are in and the voting begins. The list of nominees is long so I have trimmed some that I think very few people will have had a chance to see. In view of the length of the list I think we can allow up to three picks per voter. A 'play off' round may be necessary methinks.

[Poll #1003739]
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The point of this poll is to identify the stinkiest of a set of real stinkers that, by virtue of their casts, should have been much better. Note, I have included all nominees despite a personal view that one of the movies is not a stinker and that a couple of the others have decidedly less than stellar casts.

[Poll #988701]

[1]Bonus for having Aldous Huxley as screenwriter.


Feb. 18th, 2007 11:52 am
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[Poll #929929]
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The other day I was looking through lists of mathematics jokes because [ profile] boegle needed maths puns for a play. This was one of the jokes:

Q. Why can't mathematicians tell the difference between Halloween and Christmas?

A. Because Oct 31 = Dec 25

[Poll #890543]
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I needed an excuse to use the user pic voted most popular by a random sample of sentient beings. I've also had some interesting on and off line convos and comments about math(s) recently so I thought what we really need is more ticky boxes. Lo, I bring you the great math(s) poll!

[Poll #826509]
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[Poll #709751]

If it isn't obvious, this is primarily aimed at people who buy recordings of "classical" music.
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So here we go with the voting in Humiliation the Movie 2 - The Horror Returns. Participants should now indicate which of the following films they have seen. The winner will be the person who nominated the most watched flick.

[Poll #692724]
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Comments in yesterday's food poll raised some interesting issues about taboo foods so, as promised, here is a follow up poll.

[Poll #692699]
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I'm curious about how adventurous people are when it comes to eating. There are various foods that different cultures find more or less appealing that are incomprehensible to others. So here's a list of foods and I want to know which ones you have eaten.

[Poll #692348]
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[Poll #685937]
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A few observations:

  • Northern hemisphere folk aren't much interested in southern hemisphere rugby despite the fact that it's usually much better! In fact, the overwhelming popularity of the Six Nations is quite a surprise given how many really poor games that tournament produces.

  • The sample is too small to establish if the converse is true but my experience would suggest so. Oddly, the only Kiwi responding appears not to know what rugby is.

  • Only a quarter of the people who claimed to follow the Six Nations follow any kind of non-international rugby. This tends to confirm my belief that below international level, the European game is a bit of a shambles. I don't have the data but I'd be really surprised if only a quarter of people who follow the Trinations, follow Super 14.
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The oddest thing about creating LJ polls is the "drive by" voters. Every time I do a poll it seems that a couple or so complete strangers feel the need to tick a box. I don't mind of course. It's all part of life's rich tapestry but it is a bit peculiar.

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