Nov. 25th, 2012 06:50 pm
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The TDRRS AGM is three hours of my life I will never get back.  Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz would have been right at home.  Still, I won the Ironman Referee Award for reffing more games than anyone else despite losing the last few weeks of the season due to eye surgery.  I now own a very snazzy technical stretch fleece warm up jacket.

I survived

Apr. 10th, 2012 03:49 pm
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First reffing gig of the season; two 30 minute games and a 40 minute game. I'm tired but don't seem to have injured anything. The first few minutes were tough but I adjusted quite quickly. I am able to confirm that I am still not as fast as the average 17 year old wing threequarter.
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I fetched my refereeing gear up from the storage unit today. I have a gig at St. Mike's on Tuesday; 2x30 minute games and a 40 minute game spread between 0900 and 1400. I have some fitness concerns as I have been struggling a bit with a respiratory virus for about a month which has definitely impacted my run up to the season plans and, yeah well, I'm a year older than last season too. Still I have been running and my biking times don't look too stupid so I'll cope.
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I'm starting to think about next rugby season. I am going to be refereeing. That means job one is to be match fit by the start of May. I'm thinking that if I keep running four to five times/week, do a bit of skiing and maybe do some 'staircase' workouts, maybe twice per week, I should be in good shape to start getting in shape around the middle of March. I'll need to ensure that my weight stays below 215, preferably 210#. I'll also do indoor training with the Nomads once that starts.

Some time in March I'll hit the serious training schedule. As well as regular running. I'll work in fartleks and sprint drills. I want to get my 2.4km time below 11 minutes by the time fitness testing comes around. I'd also like to be inside 6s for 40m. (Yeah, I know, neither of these is very fast but I'm no spring chicken).

Philosophically, I think I'm going to be a less lenient referee. Reflecting on the games I reffed last year, watching higher level games and talking to other refs I have come to the conclusion that not much in the tackle zone happens by accident. Players on the wrong side of the ball can get out of there 95% plus of the time if they want to. Players can stay on there feet unless contact is involved. I think I'm going to go with close to zero tolerance in the tackle area.

I'm not sure what will happen with the coaching. I guess I'll do it if I can though I'm not sure it will be at all easy to fit in with work. Wed'll see I guess.
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I couldn't find a ref for my U16 game today so i figured I'd have to do it which did not fill me with joy. Fortunately the Barbs were in pretty much the same boat so we traded and I reffed their U16 play off game against Brock and Khalil from the Barbs reffed my boys. I'm not sure who got the better deal. We were missing a number of key players and ground out a thoroughly scrappy 13-5 win against the Saracens. Still, that leaves us 7 and 0 with one game to play so we can't finish lower than second in the division. The game i reffed was a really good game of rugby. The Barbs recycling at the breakdown was really, really good and allowed them to set up 9 tries. It would have been a massacre if they hadn't been a bit sloppy in defence which allowed Brock to score six breakaway tries. The final was 51-34 and i had to run my ass off chasing the speedy litlle buggers all over the park. Still, a really fun game to referee.
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So after three weekends running with the Yeomen 2nds I seem to have slipped into another pattern. Last saturday I had Nomads Women 2nds vs Saracens Women 2nds, tomorrow night I'm doing Nomad U19 girls vs Brampton U19 girls then Saturday I'm back at Brampton for Brampton 3rds vs Scottish 3rds.

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