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Apr. 27th, 2009 06:44 am
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3.2km 15m49s


Mar. 18th, 2009 07:34 am
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17m 20s this morning. That's better than I was doing in early May last year.
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First run in shorts of the year. 3.2km in 18m30s. That's slow but it's still only March and I have weight to lose. Time for the bear to shed his winter coat.
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The weekend before last I went to nomads indoor training and rather overdid with the result that i was pretty much crippled for two days afterwards. This Sunday I paced myself better. Even during the warm up I was feeling tight through the groin area and so stopped and took some time out to thoroughly stretch the tight area. I probably did about half the session, avoiding anything that even sniffed of contact. It wasn't too bad. After I got home and got cleaned up etc I spent a lot of time stretching (while watching Act 3 of Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream). It seems to have worked. I exercised for half an hour this morning without ill effects. I'll be a lot happier though when I get outside on a consistent basis. A weekend of snow followed by -15 windchill doesn't make for great running conditions.
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This morning I ran outdoors for the first time since injuring my ankle at Christmas. For the first time since then it's been above freezing for long enough that I could be reasonably sure that the sidewalks would not be icy. I ran for a bit over 5 minutes at a reasonable, fairly fluent pace. Everything felt fine. No soreness in the ankle and doing the staircases for the last couple of weeks seems to have got me back to an OK fitness level. If it stays warm and I don't get any weird pain setting in I'll try for 10 minutes tomorrow.
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Yesterday my physio cleared me to start exercising again. I was to start with ten minutes of something running related, like running on a treadmill or stairclimbing but stop if the pain reached 3/10. If OK then I was to increase the amount by a couple of minutes each day. I've just done ten minutes of stair climbing. I'd put the pain at 1.5-2/10 so OK but not fantastic. Now I have to see how it bears up for the rest of the day.
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Round about Christnas, for no apparent reason, my right ankle decided to stop working. This is, admittedly, incident one squillion and one in a long running saga but I'm fed up as basically both ankles had been performing quite adequately for the last year or so. Bottom line, I currently need a lace up brace on my ankle just to be able to walk and running is entirely out of the question. This really sucks. I'm going to see a physio at lunchtime today but I have no idea if they will be able to do anything.
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It's -12 with the windchill this morning (-7 dry bulb). That's much the coldest I've run in this year. I'd forgotten just how much sucking down lungfuls of cold air hurts. I can do this. I can do this.
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It's that time of year when running becomes an exercise in will power. If one gives up now then that that's pretty much it until spring, which is not my plan at all. So this morning I was out in leggings, hat, gloves and cycling jacket. It was about the right degree of warmth/windproofness for a morning when the temperature is 1C and the wind is gusting out of the north at around 30km/h. Overall, it was not unpleasant. We shall see how the will power stacks up when it drops another ten degrees.


Aug. 14th, 2008 06:50 am
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I felt good this morning so I pushed the pace a bit. 3.2km in 14m53s. That's my best so far and it didn't feel too, too hard.


Aug. 3rd, 2008 08:08 am
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I've been having a hard time with the running for the past couple of weeks. It's mostly been mental but a slight hamstring strain hasn't helped. Today was good though. 3.2km in 15m58s so not great but at least it felt like running again.
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3.2km in 15m05s this morning (4m43s/km). That's a pretty big improvement. The not so great news is that I appear to have the Yeomen 2nds again on Saturday. It's a measure of how far my mood has improved since Sunday that I feel relatively unbothered by it.
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I tried for a little bit more distance this morning but with no attempt to run at anything faster than a very comfortable jog. 4.1km in 24m23s. Just under 6m/km.
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3.2km in 16m10s this morning. That's 5m3s/km which is pretty much what I was hoping for and 1m20s faster than six weeks ago.


Jun. 11th, 2008 08:22 pm
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I did my refereeing fitness test tonight. 2400m run in 11m56s which isn't stellar but is OK I think all things considered. 40m sprint in 7.3s. That sucks but I've never had much in the way of sprinting speed.


May. 6th, 2008 07:35 am
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I got my time for 3.2km down to 17m34s this morning. 40 seconds faster than last week.
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I went running this morning. It's damp and a bit blustery so not ideal conditions but I did 3.2km in 18m10s. That works out at 5.7mins/km which isn't too bad. Lets put it this way, if I could run 5km in 25 minutes I would be delighted at this point. The bad news is that I am doing it in almost continual pain. It became very noticeable around the 8 minute mark and was bad enough to get me very close to giving up. As it was i decided to keep going and it didn't get any worse so I guess I just have to accept that that is the price of staying in reasonable shape.


Apr. 6th, 2008 08:11 am
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I went for a run outside today for the first time this year. I did just over 20 minutes. It's still a bit cold and the ground is frozen which makes any off road bits a lumpy challenge. Still, it was a run and my ankles didn't collapse (I wore lace up anle braces). My weight is down about fifteen pounds since Christmas (admittedly this takes me from 'beached whale' to 'blob' but it's a start. I would like to lose another twenty and then maybe I won't feel porky anymore.
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I was out running again this morning which, incidentally, is not much fun in the prevailing heat and humidity. There's a buffet restaurant built from old rail cars on Queen's Quay that I regularly run past. It houses a largish feral cat colony. This morning one of them was lying dead on the grass right next to the sidewalk. There was no obvious trauma so I guess it was probably natural causes. I didn't look too closely as it was already covered in flies.

Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] lemur_catta and I hooked up with [livejournal.com profile] oakenguy who had driven up from Boston for the circus festival. One clown seemed very perplexed by us. I think it was when I suggested that the red and white "Canada" umbrella he was wearing on his head probably indicated that he was CSIS agent secretly infiltrating a terrorist clown cell. He was certainly lurking suspiciously close to the pie shop. More clowns and other circusy things today I expect.
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I find this most interesting. It's a sponsored run for prostate cancer research. It's the first time I've seen such a thing. Cancer related events are almost always either non site specific or focussed on breast cancer. Lung and prostate cancer kill just as many people as breast cancer but get far less research funding and attention generally.

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