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Our Samsung laser printer finally died. We got eight years out of it which seems reasonable. Its demise triggered the next level of wirelessness in our network set up. We replaced the dead printer with a wireless enabled printer/scanner which means that use of the printer or scanner from [personal profile] lemur_catta's Mac is no longer dependent on my Mac being turned on. We also installed UPnP server software on her Mac so she can play media files off her Mac on the Blu-ray player. The last hard wired shared components are thus eliminated and everything is completely wireless.
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We now have a wireless network which is just as well as the second IP address still doesn't work. Now I need to figure out how to make my Windows laptop talk to my Mac. Anybody know how to do that?
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The bad. In my new role at work I am forced to use Microserf Project. That's "project" as in "projectile vomitting" I think. It's an utterly crap piece of sotware. It crashes with monotonous regularity and it seems determined to be as counterintuitive as possible. We hatesss it we does.

The good. I have arranged things so that the lemur's shiny MacBook can be hooked up to the big screen TV and the surround sound system. This allows us to watch AVIs on something larger than a 17" screen. The quality is remarkably good.
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Anyone out there know of any software that will allow one to read a Micro$erf Reader .lit file on a Mac, or, alternatively how to convert to a readable format? I'm comfortable using the unix command line if that's what it takes.
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I got a cassette adapter for my iPod Shuffle today. This is most useful since my car stereo doesn't play MP3 disks. So now I can listen to the same audio book when I'm driving as when I am working out rather than having two different ones on the go. And it was only C$20.
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Having got Azureus up and running and having figured out where to get good swag, I am awash with riches. Last night I watched "Ashes Fever" which was a special treat as, although I listened to much of The ashes series on radio, I didn't get to see any of it.

Today I am reacquainting myself with "Spitting Image". Even after 20 years it is hilarious. Example... Prince Charles is visiting the governor of the Falkland islands who is proposing to marry a sheep...

HE: So you don't think it's a good idea sir?
HRH: Not really
HE: Because it will make me the laughing stock of the Diplomatic Service?
HRH: Not while Geoffrey Howe is Foreign Secretary.


Nov. 19th, 2005 11:04 am
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Until a couple of minutes ago i was happily listening to the BBC commentary from Twickenham. An hour into the game it was replaced by a message saying the BBC didn't have the contractual rights for the current broadcast. WTF?
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I went for my usual run this morning and made it all the way without my MP3 player breaking down. This is a good sign. It was a good fast run too considering that fall has arrived with quite cool temperatures and a blustery cold wind.
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As reported previously the lovely lemur bought me an RCA Lyra Sport MP3 player for my birthday. There was a snag. Despite being advertised as being Mac compatible the simple act of downloading files to it appeared to corrupt the system files rendering it useless. Two exemplars have now been returned and I'm in the hunt for something else. If money were no object (hollow laugh) I'd get one of the new Nanopods. It's the right (physical) size and is sure to work with Mac OS but it's about twice as expensive as I feel justified in paying.

What I need is a player for using when I'm running. It needs to be light, have an armband, work with Mac OSX and that's about it really. 256MB is fine as I don't intend it to be a primary storage unit for music. Anyone got any bright ideas?

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