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Jan. 5th, 2014 10:34 am
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2014 kicked off with my annual physical because nothing says "Happy New Year" like a finger up one's arse.  I seem to be in reasonably good shape bar this cough that won't go away and rather high blood pressure.  Those two mean I have the bumper fun bag of inhalers and meds to work with for the time being.  Also I'm being good about exercising again (so far).

Work now includes a rather intimidating strategy project on top of everything else but no definitive word about my future post March 30th.

Recent DVD reviews include Busoni's Doktor Faustus; a christmas present from the lemur, a rather unthrilling Elektra from Baden-Baden and Puccini's Il Trittico from the Royal Opera House.  Live performances are a bit thin on the ground right now but I'll kick into high gear on January 18th when COC starts up again with Così fan tutte.  I'm hoping to interview Sir Thomas Allen ahead of the premier.

Otherwise it's snow, freezing rain and arctic temperatures.


Nov. 21st, 2012 05:34 am
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There's another Big COC Podcast up on iTunes for those who want to listen to me talk, inter alia, about Hans Werner Henze and European Modernism.

In other news, I went to Newmarket yesterday.  I don't think I've ever been to Newmarket before.  My knowledge of the vast tracts of MacHousing that surround Toronto increaseth.  The Regional Cancer Centre is quite spiffy though in the way that two year old hospitals are and fifty year old ones aren't.
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From my email today:

We are pleased to send you the December 2008 Ontario Cancer Fact, ‘Looking back: fifty years of cancer deaths in Ontario’,
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As part of the new job I now have, for the first time, a "smart phone". I have pretty much deliberately avoided getting one up until now as I have no particular wish to spend all my free time browsing my work email. I find though that it is quite shiny and I actually rather like being able to access my email and calendar when I'm away from my computer.

It's one of these (the red one).


Dec. 8th, 2007 03:05 pm
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The current project is very hard work and very high stress and it gets to people. Fortunately the team is extremely talented and has a great sense of humour. For example, we have a fine collection of plushie microbes from This is mostly so that we can have conversations when visitors are around along the lines of:

"Who's got plague"

"I don't know but Rami's got ebola"


"I think Mark gave syphilis to Trish"

and so on.

I want us to get a bulk supply of MRSA to give to hospitals who successfully implement the expanded WTIS,
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Today I find myself reading
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I flogged out to darkest Mississauga today for the sole purpose of doing some very boring project administration stuff that required me to access systems I can't get into remotely. Being the early bear I hit the office around 0715 to find that the email system and access to most everything else not physically located in Mississauga was out with no ETA on a restore. By 0930 they were hoping to have access restored by 1230 'or so'. So I buggered off home where at least I have internet access.
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I get to read papers with titles like Updated Background Paper on National Unique Identifiers for Health Providers.
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I've always thought that governance and jurisdictional issues in Canadian healthcare were particularly Byzantine. I have now read the Swedish National Strategy for eHealth. I shall complain no more. At least their counties are not inclined to think they are separate countries but that's about the only thing that's simpler.
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One of the projects I am currently managing has the client (and me) in Toronto, the design team in Nova Scotia and the developers in Newfoundland. As PM I get copied on just about any and all correspondence. I reckon I'm fielding upwards of fifty emails daily on this one project.
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Having left work early yesterday owing to the imminent risk of sudden vomiting syndrome and general lurgification, I got called yesterday evening about slides for a meeting at 0830 that nobody had bothered to tell me about. This is why I am PowerPointing at 0400 and expect to head into the office around 0600. At least the cricket is on though that's scant consolation. I do have a snuggly grey cat though. I think I shall try and snatch an hour of sleep before heading in to the salt mines.
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Years of playing flanker in the days when rucking was very much allowed has made me relatively immune to a certain small grey cat running up my back in claw assisted fashion but I really would prefer not to have blood stains on my shirts!

This work thing is seriously time consuming. It's a good job I get paid for it. Today featured a full blown reintroduction to the wonderful world that is health informatics in Ontario.

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