Jan. 22nd, 2006

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After last night's nocturnal haiku, this morning I wake up with the following revelation firmly burnt into my brain:

The problem with modern physics is infiltration by mimes
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As I've pointed out before, real black pudding is all but impossible to find here in Toronto. However, there is excellent Chilean morcilla which is pretty close. Lady Jane has just helped me polish some off. I guess that makes us blood relations.
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"Here's the reality. We have some seats already in urban areas, I think we'll pick up (more). The Liberals? They have very few seats in rural areas. I think they're going to lose every single one of them," - Harper, yesterday.

Either Harper has a pretty weak grip on reality, no idea of what "rural" means or he's working some insidious agenda about "real Canadians". The fact is that the Tories are going to be pretty much shut out of Canada's major cities, except in Alberta. They will win very few seats in the north. The territories, northern Ontario, northern Manitoba and northern Quebec will be split between the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc. The Liberals will also likely win rural seats in Newfoundland (where the Tories are only strong in St. John's), Nova Scotia (Cape Breton, King's/Hants), PEI, New Brunswick (Miramichi, Madawaska-Restigouche), even a few in South/Central Ontario (Parry Sound-Muskoka, Huron-Bruce) as well as a number of small town seats like Guelph and Peterborough. The Bloc, of course, will win the bulk of rural seats in Quebec.

My interpretation of this is two fold. I think that what Harper is inadvertently doing is revealing the Tories' "cities agenda" which is essentially the same as the Harris agenda, i.e. fuck 'em. I simply do not understand why the Right in Canada seems incapable of understanding that the major cities (where a third of the population lives!) are the economic motors of Canada and healthy cities power a fiscally healthy Canada.

Secondly he's showing his Western bias. The only rural areas that count are the Prairies. The Maritimes, the North, Quebec in particular can go hang. It's interesting, as soon as the man departs from his prepared script he sounds more and more like an unreformed Reformer.
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