Feb. 13th, 2006

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Wasting time here while waiting for a tax guide to print.

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Edited to remove the wrong Savage Messiah. I wanted the 1972 Ken Russell pic.
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Well it wasn't the blow out I thought it might be due entirely to a fantastic defensive performance by the Italians. I've played in games like that and I know just how draining defending against a bigger side that keeps going through the phases is. That said, an England win was never really in doubt. In fact if they had kicked their penalties early on instead of going for the corner they would have hand a handy lead at half time. The Italians showed just enough on offence with the little ball that they had to suggest that Wales and Scotland are not going to have an easy time against them. Who knows what will happen with the French since they seem to have slipped into one of their utterly inconsistent phases.

I do have one real peeve with the commentators though (especially Jerry, I never got my shorts dirty in my entire playing career Guscott). I get really ticked off by poncy backs who say things like "It's so simple when you get quick ball". It's true but it misses the point of how bloody difficult it is to keep providing quality quick ball. All my playing career I've been the sort of player who carries on pick and gos or is up to make the clearing out hits. I think they forget that there is an opposition! They try to get their nasty sticky mitts on the ball too and going to ground with the ball free and laid back or offloading in the tackle isn't the easiest thing to do. The tacklers and their support players don't get out of the road because you ask them nicely either, you have to bash them out of the way. All in all, providing quick ball is technically and physically demanding. I used to joke when I was still playing regular club rugby that I hardly ever saw our backs score a try. That was because, when they did, I was usually buried under a pile of bodies making sure they got that quick ball that made their lives so easy!
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This morning when I went into the office all three kittens were in the hammock so that was obviously worth a picture of a heap of fuzziness. This afternoon grey and white kitten decided he wanted to sit on my shoulders. So out came the camera again.

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What an utterly crap game of rugby! All tapes, disks or other recordings of this game should be erased lest any impressionable young rugby player should see them. Meanwhile large quantities of gorm should be emergency airlifted to both Paris and Dublin. This was supposed to be a game between two of the world's top ten sides amd it was riddled with basic errors from beginning to end; crap tackling, woeful passing, missed touch kicks and hands courtesy of Kerrygold. All in all, a load of rubbish.

So can we learn anything from this debacle? There were a few positives. The French backs looked pretty clinical in both attack and defence for the first hour. I particularly liked their running lines from deep. Their forwards look very vulnerable to the rolling maul (as they did against Scotland). That has to be very good news for England. The Irish backs definitely lack pace. Rougerie totally did Murphy. That should have the Welsh salivating. O'Driscoll was pretty free with his boots again. I'd lack to see him stuck at the bottom of a ruck against England. It would be nice to see the likes of Sheridan and Grewcock give him a taste of his own medicine.

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