Feb. 26th, 2006

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I went back to bed after feeding the kittens this morning and dozed peacefully before finally dragging myself up in time for the game in Dublin. Oddly enough, BBC Wales had a video feed going. I say oddly, because the main BBC site was blocking the video for non-UK IP addresses. Unfortunately the quality was quite poor and it wasn't really watchable. So I listened to the game while responding to yesterday's story challenge, which was fun but far more difficult than I expected.

I have a stack of kitten and cat pictures to edit but my office is fairly unbearable. When the sun shines it gets unbearably hot, despite it being extremely cold out today, and with the door shut, which it must be for kitten segregation purposes, I can't stand it. So I can wait until it cools off in there or try and edit on the lemur's machine which has a mouse I don't like and an older version of Photoshop.

I think I shall go for a walk instead despite the windchill of -16.
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It was freezing out today, windchill of -16, but beautifully clear so I took the camera along and walked down through the docks to see what could be seen.

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I've just given the kittens their seventh and last dose of Panacur. It must taste really bad because I swear I have never seen kittens make faces like these guys do when I squirt this stuff into their mouths.
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So I'm all on my own on a Sunday evening with a decent bottle of claret and Casablanca looking forward to [livejournal.com profile] lemur_catta being home in a couple of days. Call me sentimental but I think Ingrid Bergman is surely the second most beautiful woman of all time.

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