Mar. 11th, 2006

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For the last couple of nights I've been dreaming about the Grand Unified Field Theory (aka The Theory of Everything). This is odd, even for me. Anyway, my sleeping brain has decided that the GUFT is impossible. Relativity and QM will never be reconciled. When I first dreamed this I thought it was a bit far fetched. Even my sleeping brain was perplexed. But last night, sleeping brain worked out why. Matter only behaves in a quantum mechanical way when it is being observed. If one doesn't peek it behaves like an impeccably proper Einsteinian. So when an observer observes activity at the quantum level, not only does the act of observation cause a resolution of quantum states but it is the observation that calls into being the whole phenomenon. My brain is a very strange place.
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People keep asking for photos of the kittens so I got the camera out this morning to see what I could do. No one was being particularly cooperative, especially Jane who was bouncing off the walls, but I managed to get a few shots that weren't just tip of tail disappearing out of shot.

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I've been reflecting some more on home field advantage and the IRB rankings system. Apparently home field is worth 3 ranking points in the IRB's system. If one then applies the current rankings to the Six Nations, making the three point correction one gets the following (where a positive value is the home teams advantage over the visitors and a negative value shows the visitors as favourites):

France vs Italy +15.16
Ireland vs Italy +11.80
Wales vs Italy +11.70
Italy vs England -7.56
Ireland vs Scotland +7.04
France vs Ireland +6.36
Wales vs Scotland +6.31
England vs Wales +5.39
France vs England +4.70
England vs Ireland +4.70
Scotland vs France -4.40
Ireland vs Wales +3.73
Scotland vs England -2.70
Italy vs Scotland -1.76
Wales vs France -1.09

This table is therefore ranked by likelihood of an upset from least to most. As you can see, so far it has been a remarkably good predictor. Two of the three "upsets", Scotland's wins against France and England, were in fact two of the three games (played so far) most likely to produce an upset. The only hugely against the odds result is, in fact, today's draw in Cardiff.

Looking ahead, it suggests that an England win in Paris is not impossible but would be even more impressive than Scotland's home wins and that a Scottish win later today is even less likely but, if pulled off, would leave Scotland with a very good shot at the championship. That said, the numbers very much favour a French win.

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