Mar. 12th, 2006


Mar. 12th, 2006 09:58 am
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Apparently members of the crowd at Stade de France were handed a leaflet on arrival asking them not to boo their own side. It's a bit like Nelson signalling "England expects every man not to shoot his own officers". Hope it's a good sign.
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So last night [ profile] lemur_catta and I were invited to a dinner at the Arts and Letters Club thrown by a local Anthony Powell fan for his fellow fans. It certainly wasn't either our normal crowd or one one might have expected for such an event. There were about fifteen people there, mostly thirty something professionals; a partner from Ogilvy-Renault and his lawyer wife, another rather pretty lawyer who doubles as a stand up comedienne, a McKinsey consultant from New York and so on. The food and wine were excellent and the conversation extremely amusing. We ended up back at the O-R partner's rather plush (surprise) house in the Annexe after dinner. The only downer was that something really upset my stomach. I suspect it was mixing oily fish (salmon) with red wine. It's happened to me before. Unfortunately I didn't know we were eating salmon until after I'd already had several glasses of wine. So it goes.
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So another weekend of boring bungling in the Six Nations. Scotland and Ireland floundered through the mud and the rain to a try less result in Dublin, Wales just avoided losing to Italy by dint of some woeful goal kicking by Pez and, to cap it all, fifteen Inspector Clouseau clones in Paris managed to put thirty points on the St. Dunstan's School for the Blind 3rd XV who had mysteriously shown up on the England bus. As [ profile] atpotch has said in his own journal, the French don't deserve to win the championship after such an awful performance but then nor does anyone else. Let's declare it "dull and void".

The worst thing is with the season here just around the corner I shall soon be seeing more of my Southron team mates who will no doubt take any opportunity to point out the superiority of the Super 14 and the Tri-Nations to the dreck that is currently being passed off as international rugby in Europe. And this time around I'm just going t keep my mouth shut.

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