Apr. 2nd, 2006

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So last night my subconscious had me enrolled in a history course at an unspecified Italian university. The key assignment turned out to be preserving a large chunk of dead dog using an embalming fluid of which squid ink was the main ingredient. It was not a whole dead dog. Just a sizeable chunk which could be readily obtained from the workmen renovating a near by university building who had a stock pile.
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Monster and Tabbyboy have definitely got the eating thing figured out and today for the first time I managed to get Tabbygirl to eat solid food on her own. Current weights; Monster 640g, Tabbyboy 570g, Tabbygirl 440g.
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It was a glorious sunny day here and we had enough of a turn out to play 12 a side. As usual there was a marked surplus of forwards so I ended up playing about half the game at outside centre and half on the wing. Given that I am not comfortable at all playing in the backs I don't think I did too badly. I have to say though that fast outside backs running at me with space to manouver is a real drag.

Despite a couple of swinging arms to the head I seem to have survived pretty much unscathed.

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