Jul. 31st, 2006

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England drop Geraint Jones.

Is it April 1st or did I take too many painkillers last night?
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Today I ventured forth to the wilds of King City to watch the third day of Canada's current four day match against Kenya. Like so many first class games, the players outnumbered the spectators and watching the first hour it was easy to understand why. A highlights reel might have lasted fifteen seconds with a generous editor. It got more interesting after that with the big kiwi, Geoff Barnett (some sort of tenuous Canadian qual), setting about the Kenyan spinners. One straight drive rather spectacularly went right over the pavilion. His 136 was largely responsible for Canada being able to set the Kenyans 291 to win on a pitch that seemed to be showing some signs of wear. The two Canadian spinners were certainly causing some problems by stumps when Kenya were on 45/2.

I had a good time. I met North America's only bat maker and a chap who has a private cricket ground on the banks of the Grand River. It was though very, very hot.

Private for [livejournal.com profile] coughingbear. Ticket price was zilch. I didn't even have to pay to park.

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