Aug. 4th, 2006

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Seen in the course of a short walk to Yonge Street and back:
  • A woman 'dressed' scantily in two conflicting shades of sheer pastel material. My first thought was that it was an outfit one might have been able to get away with as Tinkerbelle in panto. On reflection, it would take Jason Leonard playing Tinkerbelle in panto to get away with it.
  • For the second day running I got stuck in line at Shoppers' Drug Mart behind someone who was bringing in film for processing.
  • Which reminded me of something that happened about twenty years ago when I was working at Lipton in Toronto. The partner leading the gig, for some reason, wanted a sheet of carbon paper so he enquired for same of the secretary (young) who was supporting us. She was baffled but our leader, being a gentleman (he really was), carefully explained all about carbon paper. The young lady replied "That sounds really useful. If we had some of that we wouldn't need to do nearly so much photocopying".
  • ETA: TD Canada Trust seems to be in the process of replacing its ageing IBM ATMs with shiny new Diebold ones. I'm now worried that every time I take money out of the bank I may be inadvertently voting for the Republicans.

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