Aug. 7th, 2006

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[ profile] lisekit challenged me to find five songs with "cat" in the title. Leaving aside Mr. Lloyd-Webber's treatment of T.S.Eliot which alone has more than five such songs, I offer you the following selection:

More cat songs than you can shake a cat toy at )

You may, if you so choose, ask me a word so you can play.
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Seen all over the place:

It's all about me )
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Do other people get as annoyed about factual goofs in historical novels as I do? Frankly, they drive me nuts. Recently I've been listening to some of the Alexander Kent Bolitho books while running. They are not bad as adventure yarns but the man has done no research at all. It would be tedious to list all the errors but they include huge ones like claiming that RN captains (we are talking 1770's - 1810's) could have someone hanged without court martial for instance or that the commander of an unrated sloop could be promoted Captain without moving into a ship that carried post rank. My annoyance isn't being soothed by equally annoying errors in the much vaunted Quicksilver of Mr. Neal Stephenson. This time it's even easier stuff to check. The puritan divine executed as a regicide was Hugh Peter, not Hugh Peters. Grrr! By contrast, Mr. MacDonald Fraser's delightfully silly Flashman stories are impeccably researched. So it can be done.

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