Aug. 14th, 2006

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I'm a bit surprised at how many places I have been and not used any form of public transit. It must be at least as many as those where I have.

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We have figured out how to tell the tabby twins apart. One of them has a white patch on her belly, otherwise I think they are pretty much identical. They are pretty quiet, laid back kittens. They aren't nearly as in your face as some litters have been, nor are they as hungry! They seem to be getting on better with LJG and the bengals. There's more playing and less hissing which is reassuring. So, no drama... just normal kitten stuff.
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1. How comfortable are you with the idea of your own death and mortality in general? Does it bother you to think/talk about it?
2. How would you like your remains to be handled? Would you prefer to be buried, cremated, etc., and why?
3. What would you like your funeral to be like?
4. What was your first experience with death?
5. How would you prefer to die, and why?

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Seen today at Yonge and College

Mrs. Dalloway's Hot Dog Stand

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