Aug. 15th, 2006

chickenfeet: (widmerpool)
I had this odd thought this morning that I couldn't remember Alan Brooke ever having had much to say about Arnhem. So this morning I checked the diary entries for the back half of September 1944 and discovered that he had gone on a trout fishing holiday with Portal and Cunningham immediately after the Quebec conference. There are later one sentence entries referring to after the fact meetings with Browning and Urquart. I'm often surprised by events that seem momentous in hind sight being largely ignored by key players at the time.

Today I drove past St. John the Baptist, Norway, Anglican Church several times. This must be one of the oddest church names in Toronto and conjures up images of lemmings being baptised from a great height. I did not go near the even more remarkable Saint James Bond United Church. Sadly this has nothing to do with Roger Moore playing both The Saint and James Bond. I think it's the result of St. James Presbyterian Kirrrk merging with the Bond Street Methodists. Rather sad really.

We have finally replaced (or at least arranged to replace) the wonky fridge. A nearly new fridge of strange Chinese provenance will arrive on Friday to replace our defunct 25 year old relic. No more will I dredge through the icetrays looking for something solid enough to cool my preprandial snifter.

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