Aug. 26th, 2006

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I'm not sure what to make of this. Some time ago, in a blaze of self-congratulatory publicity, the RCMP, CSIS et al claimed that they had smashed a major terrorist plot. There were plenty of people who were skeptical given the half-assed nature of the alleged plot. Yesterday a fifth suspect was released on bail. Note that this was a joint submission by the Crown and the defence which suggests, at the very least, that the Crown Attorney's office has a very different view of the nature of the plot than that conveyed by the RCMP in its initial press conference. It's impossible to make a more informed assessment as there is a publication ban in effect on the details.
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I've just received an invitation to a drinks reception with the new Vice-Chancellor of Durham. Now, this reception is at the University of British Columbia, which is, predictably, in British Columbia which is to say roughly 4500km away, which is only marginally closer than Durham. Do you think they would expect someone from, say, Omsk or Dakar, to pop over to Durham for drinkies? It's the same distance.
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[ profile] angharad was chuffed to have a picture of one of the tabbies with a copy of The Secrets of Jin Shei though it was entirely accidental. Anyhow I wondered about other LJ authors and so I bring you kittens with dragons and talking lobsters. )

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