Sep. 3rd, 2006

chickenfeet: (mew)
My rugby bag is packed. I sifted through the debris of summer and found boots, pads, mouthguard and other necessaries. Soon I will swallow an indecent quantity of Ibuprofen and head off to Burlington. In about four hours time I will know whether it was a sensible thing to do or not.

Home again

Sep. 3rd, 2006 05:52 pm
chickenfeet: (toe)
I'm home and relatively unscathed. I was horribly rusty and slow both physically and mentally but I managed 45 minutes on the park. The worst bit is thinking about things one ought just to do and not think about. I only made a couple of tackles, my cleaning out was tentative and my ball into contact less than fully committed. I also turned the ball over a couple of times when I shouldn't. That's rustiness rather than lack of physicality. I didn't play well today but I did play and I think I can get back to somewhere near where I was before but it may take a while. Apparently I broke someone's nose too but I have absolutely no idea how.

I came home to an apartment littered with broken glass and cat barf and that despite the kittens being shut up in the office. I think I need a drink.

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