Sep. 17th, 2006

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I've never been good at handling the mornings on days when I'm playing rugby. When I was still playing for the Nomads it was easier because the thirds played at noon and there was an expectation that one would show up for the carpool, even for home games, at around 1030, earlier if we were travelling. Now it's worse. XL games nominally start at 1300 but they never start on time and it's not worth showing up until 1230 at the earliest. That leaves a morning to fill in with 'stuff' that a rather wired bear can cope with. Today we are playing Niagara in Hamilton so it's a bit of a trek and I'll be leaving around 1140 so it's not too bad but I'm still fidgetting like a loon.

In other news, life is returning to post kitten quietude. LJG is being snuggly which is good because she has a slightly goopy eye and it's much easier to apply a warm compress when she's quiet and not too wriggly. I wonder where the kittens are.
chickenfeet: (rugby)
Yes, O best beloved Hamilton has a mountain and Mohawk Sports Park is on the other side of it so when one thinks one has got to Hamilton it's still about a half hour drive to Mohawk. Which is a roundabout way of seeing we had a long drive to and from the game today. Our trusty band of XLs ('semper erectus') were pitted against the Niagara Vintage ('we get better with age') or at least that's what the jerseys say.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and though we were a bit light on numbers we had fun and my shoulder didn't complain too much at an hour in the second row. I am horribly not match fit though and was definitely playing in fits and starts. Despite that at one point I found myself completely in the open with maybe 10m to run to score when the referee (Welsh, of course) blew up the play for a penalty to us! As I score approximately once every Preston Guilds this was a bit of a downer. Incredibly, just a few minutes later I found myself 15m out with one man to beat. I seem to recollect team mates urging me to pass but I wasn't having any of that nonsense. I neatly wrong footed the sole defender and dotted down under the sticks.

I think if I was fit I'd be back at about 90% effectiveness. I'm still a bit more hesitant about some stuff than I was before the injury but it's getting better every game.

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