Oct. 1st, 2006

chickenfeet: (rugby)
I played a full game at no. 8 for Markham today against a mixed bag of NOBs and XLs. I think it was one of my best games in a while. It was a very hard game and they had some big forwards (as in three guys much closer to 300 than 200 pounds). I took quite a few shots to the head and face but I got my tackles in on the big guys, won some turnover ball, stole some ball at the back of the line out and generally threw myself around. I also scored the equalising try with the last play of the game which was nice. I know I'm going to be feeling this one tomorrow though. I have an interesting footprint on the inside of my left arm and I doubt that's the only damage.

I also learned something I didn't know about the incident where I separated my shoulder. Apparently one of my team mates was in close support and so instead of bouncing off the shoulder charge I was driven back into him. He says my head snapped back and hit him in the ribs bruising them so badly that they were sore for eight weeks!

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