Oct. 7th, 2006

chickenfeet: (mew)
I was down at the Humane Society with [livejournal.com profile] lemur_catta yesterday to pick up cat food. We checked out the adoption room and I've never seen so many kittens in adoption. On top of that there are 32 kittens in the nursery. I really, really want to get some of the little ones out of the shelter but we can't really commit until I know what's happening on the work front. If the bank gig happens I may be spending quite a bit of time in Montreal and [livejournal.com profile] lemur_catta can't really manage kittens on her own.

In other kitten news, the kitten formerly known as Scruff, who was one of the first pair of kittens we fostered has had to have surgery. You may recall he's now called Poppadam and lives with his sister Cini (sp?), formerly Hoover, and Katja's dance teacher. Anyway, he's an enormous tom cat with quite spectacular long hair and he's prone to furballs. Apparently one blocked his intestine and had to be surgically removed. Apoaarently it was huge and absolutely solid. He's fine now apparently. Hoover and Scruff were here almost exactly three years ago.

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