Dec. 4th, 2006

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As Frankie says, there's so much music. I have over 4000 tracks in iTunes and they only partially overlap with 700 or so CDs I have been moving from jewel boxes to binders over the last few weekends.. I've been listening to music seriously since I was a teenager. After failing to develop a taste for trendy, pretentious Progressive Rock, which was virtually mandatory in my circle in the 1970s, I discovered Radio 3 and, not much later, folk clubs. It;s been downhill ever since. This could easily become a shopping list so I'll keep it short and personal.

Dick Gaughan singing Raglan Road. It was the last song he played the night before I nearly killed myself in a head on collision on the A12. I still break up when I hear it.

Beethoven's 7th. especially the slow movement. When I was traveling too much this was usually what I played when I got home.

Dove sono from the Giulini Nozze sung by Schwarzkopf. Opera just doesn't get any better. Though the Contessa's entrance in the final scene is almost as affecting.

Die Holle rache from Die Zauberflote. Flute was the first opera I saw live. I guess I was about 17 and I was just blown away. It was so much more visceral in the theatre than on records and nothing more visceral than that aria.

Billy Bragg's Between the Wars. It's my favourite of his songs. Peace, democracy, comradeship may be abstract political ideals but they matter. One day they will be fashionable again.

The Shostakovich Quartets. I don't know whether posterity will consider Shostakovich to be the greatest of twentieth century composers but surely his music encompasses that terrible century in a way that abstract formalist experiments never will.

Tommy Armstrong's The Durham Lockout. One of few songs I've ever 'performed'. I learnt a lot in my three years in Durham. Algebra and Probability Theory wasn't the half of it.

Enough I think.
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The Globe and Mail this morning mentions Dion strategist Andrew Bevan in the context of the weekend's high jinks.  Andy is a former president of the Toronto Nomads and a former team mate of mine. Rugby players taking over the world one ruck at a time!

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