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Nov. 9th, 2006 07:27 am
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Only two questions remain unanswered in the film quiz as [ profile] shezan correctly identified no.7 as the rather tedious The Longest Day.

Final clues for the remaining two:

9. Is a WW2 flick with Gary Sinese. The title references a seasonal piece of music.

10. Has rather a lot of partner swapping for a Hollywood studio production of its era. It's not 'Fear of Flying'.

ETA: Extra picture for 10.

ETA2: Done!

Congrats to [ profile] f4f3 for A Midnight Clear and [ profile] dherblay for Beat the Devil.
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Last year I offered you an opera lyrics quiz so I thought I'd do another one. None of the operas are duplicated from last year.

So, here are ten libretto excerpts, translated into English where that is not the original language. Your task is to identify the operas in question.

1. Ascend, O my beloved. Ascend the highest place of imperial sovereignty

2. Your daughter is monstrous

3. Torture of every kind may await me

4. I shall lament my fate so cruel and so pitiless

5. The wind is from the west, a lazy sea, the sky overcast, a stagnant smell from the lagoon

6. Bravely blended, brotherly love born in the drink from our blood

7. I shall dry these weeping flagstones. With my own lips they shall be dried

8. We return to our lasses like fortunate traders, triumphant with the spoils of the vanquish'd invaders

9. Shepherd cease your singing, for all our gaiety has turned to pain

10. If the water is deep we will swim. If it is too fast we will build boats
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Because I'm bored:

[Poll #713780]
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Progress so far on the film quiz

1. ETA - Embrace of the Vampire - [ profile] missedith01
2. Last Tango in Paris - [ profile] shezan
3. Life and Nothing But - [ profile] shezan
4. ETA - Macbeth (Polanski version) - [ profile] kalypso_v
5. Rebecca - [ profile] shezan
6. 8 1/2 - [ profile] shezan
7. Shakespeare in Love - [ profile] felinitykat
8. Triumph of the Will - [ profile] a_d_medievalist
9. ETA - Beau Geste (1966 version) - [ profile] bopeepsheep
10. Wings of Desire - [ profile] a_d_medievalist
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Here we go again; ten stills from ten movies. Identify the movie.

pretty pictures )
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[Poll #640017]

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One clue in the music quiz stumped everybody.

8. adore, breast, mournful, beloved, ETA lightning, ETA2 sparks

It's the aria V'adoro pupille from Handel's Giulio Cesare.

Good work on the other ones guys and gals. I was especially impressed by [ profile] gnimmel's wide ranging opera expertise.
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Just one left to get in the quiz. From the previous hint, one can deduce that it is translated from Italian. The user pic on this post is also a clue of sorts.

Lyrics quiz

Dec. 6th, 2005 05:04 pm
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We've done this before. Here are words from the lyrics of ten songs or other pieces of vocal music (all in English even if that wasn't the original language). Guess the piece.

1. spring, park, sweetheart, peanuts - Poisoning Pigeons in the Park by Tom Lehrer identified by [ profile] bopeepsheep

2. infant, repair, king, grace, ETA arise - Shepherd's Arise which I grokked from a Waterson/Carthy album and was identified by [ profile] kalypso_v

3. waste, treasury, property, murder - The World Turned Upside Down by Leon Rosselson, covered by many, identified by [ profile] popsock

4. faded, sleeping, friendship, withered, ETA alone - The Last Rose of Summer identified by [ profile] prestonuk

5. vengeance, torments, daughter, severed, ETA heart - Der Holle Rache from Die Zauberflote by Mozart identified by [ profile] gnimmel

6. earth, clouds, starlight, herring, ETA bear, ETA2 horoscope -Now the Great Bear and Pleiades from Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten identified by [ profile] gnimmel

7. proud, jewel, strangers, pillage - Four Green Fields identified by [ profile] popsock

8. adore, breast, mournful, beloved, ETA lightning, ETA2 sparks

9. eyelids, valley, affliction, beautify, ETA sister, ETA2 heavenly - Ar Hyd Y Nos identified by [ profile] prestonuk

10. forever, world, reign, omnipotent -The Hallelujah Chorus by Handel identified by [ profile] thidwick
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Here we ago again. Ten film stills for your entertainment. Give me the name of the flick.

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