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Last night's Kathak recital was really good. Different groups of Joanna's students performed from near beginners through fairly experienced dancers, like [ profile] lemur_catta, to members of Joanna's stage ensemble. After the interval there was a solo performance by a "tribal fusion" dancer, which didn't do much for me, and an excellent solo piece by Joanna herself.

The lighting was very warm and a bit dim so the pictures I took are mostly pretty soft focus. I didn't want to use flash. For the most part I like what I got. Four sample pictures below, fifty or so on Flickr.

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Here are three more short videos from last night. I have one more but I shot it portrait style and nothing I have on my Mac will let me rotate it 90 degrees. Any suggestions?

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[ profile] lemur_catta had a show last night. She is a very shiny lemur.

More pictures and video when I get around to editing.
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Aren't they pretty?
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Last night being [ profile] lemur_catta's 20th annual 21st birthday we decided to go out. Her lemurship's choice was the Korean Grill House on Queen West, which is one of those places that has a grill in the middle of each table and they bring you stuff to cook. It was an all you can eat deal including rice and the usual Korean side dishes. We had rather dull white fish of some kind, decent salmon and squid, good chicken, pork and beef and excellent short ribs. We had to ask for liver and tongue which were included but didn't appear automatically. We split a bottle of Shoju between us as neither of us had tried it. It's basically a colourless, tasteless 20% alcohol mix of industrial chemicals. Beer next time I think.

I can see us going back. We stuffed ourselves silly on very decent food for $60 including drinks, tax and tip.
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[ profile] lemur_catta is home and in very good shape. She can walk without crutches albeit slowly and with a cane. I'm sure the hospital is glad to get rid of her as she was obviously far too lively for them. She was about half the age of the average patient and behaved as if she was half of that so you can see the problem. Anyway, w00t and stuff!
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I have spent far, far too much time at Sunnybrook in the last few hours. Last night one of the boys dislocated his shoulder and I got the fun job of taking him for precautionary X-rays. I guess I was in Emergency for a couple of hours before his dad arrived.

This morning is [ profile] lemur_catta's knee surgery at the Holland Centre and she was given the revolting admission time of 0615. We got there about 0600 and I left around 0800 as she was going into the Prep room. She should be out of recovery by early afternoon so I shall head back up there after my analyst's appointment. She'll be in overnight but should be coming home tomorrow.

In unrelated news, I see that a firm of barristers has opened a rather flash office on Church Street right between two pawnbrokers. This seems oddly apposite.

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