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Shrimp, for that is what the kitten is now called, is doing fine though she is still small for her age, hence the name. She is totally litter box trained and is experimenting with the big cats' kibble. She is also experimenting with the big cats' tails. Padmini plays along, Leela gets sniffy and Jane, I'm afraid, is not nice about it at all. You can take the cat out of the alley...

I have a big pot of boeuf en daube on the stove. This is the first one since the summer. Can cassoulet and choucroute garnie be far behind?

I won a game of Scrabulous en francais. It was against a Quebecoise so maybe it doesn't count.

I'm probably starting a new gig on Monday at CCO. I have to get through a couple of interviews first but I know the people involved so that shouldn't be a big deal.

I have an evening to myself tonight as [ profile] lemur_catta is working the Tabla Ensemble concert. I have no plans.

This is the first McCormick Cup day in 10 years that I haven't played rugby.
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The local faux Asian fusion place is offering "lightly battered softshell crab". I assume that this is because they need less battering than the harder types.

I have new glasses. They are Varifocals and rather swish.

I have spent most of the day dealing with billing and accounting issues of a nature that only two subsidiaries of a telco working on a government contract could devise.
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I have a snuggly grey cat on my lap and, like the bengals, she is healthy and hasn't been eating tainted catfood. This makes me very happy though my sympathies go to those of you with high temperature bengals or cats who have been eating the recalled brands. I hope everybody makes it through OK.

I've been reading physics again. This time it was Lee Smolin's The Trouble with Physics. It's the kind of book that disturbs me on many levels. There's the physics of course and I'll admit to prior biases in favour of Smolin's position. It does seem clear to me that any viable theory of quantum gravity is likely to be background independent. There's also the sociology. If physics is as prone to groupthink as Smolin suggests, what hope for disciplines that have a less strong tradition of objectivity. If physics can descend into pomo bullshit then we really are in trouble.

I would love to be able to talk about this with the beloved lemur but I can't. She has her spheres of interest and she isn't about to invest the huge amount of time in maths and physics that I have done. I understand that but I can't help wishing.

I was at the St. Lawrence market earlier. I really love that place. I see the same vendors and they know me. They also know and care about what they are selling. I think that's important.

I watched the trailer for 300 yesterday. I shan't be watching the flick. I was impressed by the armoured war rhino but the rest... with apologies to Simonides:

Go tell the Spartans,
Stranger passing by,
That here, in our bondage gear,
We lie.


Aug. 28th, 2005 09:03 am
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I can't remember whether I have mentioned it before but I am being phone stalked by a crazy woman. I think she's harmless but extremely delusional. However, it's getting to be a bit of a drag as she calls many times a day, often one call right after another. Last night it got so bad that we disconnected the phones and let the calls go straight to VMX.

At one level one has to admire her persistence but I do get a bit fed up of 337ing through the n messages a day she leaves.

ETA: Just erased 26 messages.
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A weekend of stuff.

Saturday. To the St. Lawrence Market for peaches, sausages and assorted veg. Later to The Square to watch Nomads. The 3rds disposed of the Scottish to go through to the final of their playoffs. The 2nds demolished Waterloo II to retain their comfortable division lead. The 1sts played mostly dreadfully. The ball retention was especially ghastly but a few moments of class and some dogged defence saw them finish 25-10 winners over Waterloo I (plus the bonus point for four tries). Winning the division and promotion to the 'A' division is still in sight. This is a most frustrating team. When they are firing they are absolutely magnificent. The trouble is they do it for only a few minutes every game.

Sunday. Nervy morning IMing with [ profile] jupitah and [ profile] itchyfidget before going out to play in a birthday game for the world's most obnoxious Yorkshireman (no not Geoffrey Boycott). It was an odd game for me as I was playing for my old boys team against a side mostly made up of former team mates. It got fairly lively but I think we ran out winners by one try. Not my greatest game ever as I missed a few tackles but I did manage one really classy line out steal and a lot of nitty gritty ball winning/ball retention stuff. Let's face it I never was a glamour player and I'm not going to start now.

The kittens are doing great. Squeaky is a real little toe and finger biter and strongly disapproves of me reading. Speedy is more mellow and she can amuse herself for ages climbing the cat tree or demolishing the lemur's furry slippers.
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Yesterday, the lemur had a paid engagement in the far, far west of the city in the afternoon, followed by a party at the same location afterwards. That left me with the afternoon free with not much to do so i finished up Temporary Kings and got a good start on Hearing Secret Harmonies.

The party was enjoyable enough and we stayed over to avoid having to drive home. Despite a comparatively late night, I was up at my usual early hour which, if nothing else, allowed me to finish HSH. Random early morning socialising meant that I got back with not much time to spare beyond grabbing my kit and eating a couple of bananas before heading out to Brampton for a pick up game.

It was a pleasant enough run around. I guess about 16 guys showed up so we played touch for half an hour and then finished off with 15 minutes or so of full contact. Hardly serious but excuse enough for a couple of beers afterwards.

Despite the fact that it is barely 7pm, I am knackered.

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