Jul. 4th, 2006

chickenfeet: (rugby)
When I was playing competitive rugby the most useful phrase I learnt was "Just suck it up". It's what you tell a team mate when you are training in 35C heat and there are ten minutes of a two hour training session left. It's what you tell yourself as you drag yourself off the ground five minutes from time to make one more tackle or hit one more ruck. It's a mantra that cuts through pain and exhaustion. It encapsulates team spirit, pride in oneself and a certain sheer bloody mindedness, which, come to think about it is what rugby and much else besides is largely about.

Anyway, that's a long preamble to saying I restarted cardio today after a three week lay off because of the shoulder separation. It went pretty well though it took a bit of "Just suck it up" to get through. As well as my shoulder exercises I did 45 floors of stair climbing (I'm still holding off on actual running because of the vibration/impact) and 180 crunches. It's still tolerably cool (19C) at this time of the morning but the RH is 99 so it is still pretty harsh conditions for exercise.

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