Nov. 20th, 2006

chickenfeet: (fishy)
Lunch with [ profile] lemur_catta at Dumpling House on Spadina. This place basically does, yes you guessed, dumplings. There a few other dishes on the menu but, apart from soups, nobody seems to order them. You can see the dumplings being made in the front kitchen which has windows onto the street and the dining room and, yes, they all made fresh, from scratch. They come in about ten different fillings and you can get them either steamed or panfried. The panfried ones come like a weird pancake of a dozen dumplings but they are easy to separate with chopsticks. An order is either 12 or 24 pieces but they'll do a 3x4 combo. We had a dozen steamed ones to start (pork with fennel, seafood and lamb - the lamb was really good, the other two good but not distinctive). Being made with fresh dough definitely puts them a notch above most dim sum places. We also had hot and sour soup which was good but not quite King's Noodle standard (what is?). This turned out to be not quite enough so we also ordered a mixed dozen of the panfried. They were just the right combination of crunchy and chewy and only very slightly greasy. The pork with shrimp and pork with chives were excellent. The beef was good but not stunning. $20 for the two of us including tax and tip.

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