Jan. 24th, 2006

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It seems somehow appropriate, on the morning of the Harpies' victory in Canada, that the Torygraph should contain an obituary for Peter Simple. I for one shall miss Alderman Footbotham of the Bradford Tramways and Fine Arts Committee.
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It went pretty much as expected. The CPC did surprisingly well in Quebec and rather badly in Ontario but the overall outcome is not dissimilar.

The NDP picked up two handy seats in the Toronto core but didn't really dent the Liberals' hold on the city.

There were a few odd results. Who would have predicted that Belinda Stronach would get reelected?

Ten Quebecers in the CPC caucus should act a some sort of brake on the loonier, socially conservative, Western chauvinists.

CPC+NDP = 153, even without a recount in Muskoka-Parry Sound. So, no PR based deal going there unfortunately.

Any sort of CPC/Bloc or CPC/Liberal alliance would appear to be unthinkable.

A Harper government would therefore appear to be highly unstable unless there are major defections from either the Bloc (unlikely) or the Liberals. The latter would only appear even remotely possible if there were to be a huge dust up over the leadership.

Dare Harper gamble on an early election while the Liberals are leaderless?
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Lady Jane has made it to the top of the cat tree. She is currently happily perched on the top platform roughly eight feet off the floor and one foot below the ceiling.

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